Climate Types
Greenland is characterized by an arctic climate in which winter weather consumes most of the year; temperatures there don't surpass 60 degrees Fahrenheit, which, to begin with, is quite high for that region.  From the image below it can be inferred that ice sheets are apparent throughout most of the island but are more highly concentrated on the southern most tip.

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The annual range of temperature for Nuuk, Greenland is (45-16) 29 degrees Fahrenheit 
The annual range of precipitation for Nuuk, Greenland is 16 days of rainfall 

The annual range of temperature for Narsarsuaq, Greenland is (52-17) 35 degrees Fahrenheit 
The annual range of precipitation for Narsarsuaq, Greenland is 7 days of rainfall.

The annual range of temperature for Honolulu, Hawaii is (81.9-73.1) 8.8 degrees Fahrenheit.
The annual range of precipitation for Honolulu, Hawaii is 3.2 days of rainfall.

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It is apparent that there is a larger range between the average high/low temperature in both Greenland cities than in Honolulu, from this it can be concluded that Greenland experiences a larger seasonality compared to Hawaii.  Despite having high fluctuations in temperatures throughout the year, Greenland, is nonetheless, characterized by snow and ice throughout most of the year, which makes the seasonality seem static; except in the summer when the snow recedes to the mountains ( 


  1. Greenland huh, dang that is some place i don't think I could live....too cold. Compared to the country I have been studying, your country seems like a frozen popsicle. Bangladesh on the other hand tends to be much warmer, and sees much more rain on average, 4 months vs. 16 days. I guess it makes sense since its located near the Tropic of Capricorn and it has 4 months of monsoon storms. But I think that its cool how Greenland's mountain's can help change its climate and temperature (even if its from cold to colder). Bangladesh is mostly just flat land.

  2. Greenland's climate differs greatly from the region I am researching. I am currently doing research on Costa Rica. The temperature of Costa Rica is similar to that of Hawaii; in the warmer months the temperature stays around 85 degrees F, whereas in the cooler months the temperature does not drop below 65 degrees F. I see that Greenland typically stays around freezing temperatures, except a few months out of the year when they experience their summer. I also see that Greenland is covered in ice and snow throughout a majority of the year. Greenland seems like a very interesting place to be researching and I look forward to reading more of what you find on this region!