a) What’s the population of the country? 
As of July 2013 the population of Greenland was estimated at 57,714; The U.S has a population size estimated at 316,438,601, its apparent that Greenland's population size isn't a fraction of the U.S and is comparable to a small city in America.

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            b) Where do the people live in this country?  Rural areas?  Urban areas?  What are some of the major cities and their populations?
 The capital and major city in Greenland is Nuuk, the population is estimated at 14,798.  In Sisimiut, the population is estimated at 5,227, and in Ilulissat, the population is estimated at 4,413 (  84% of the population reside in urban areas (

            a) What types of agriculture do they have and what type of diet do they have?
Most of their agriculture consist of animal food, vegetables, sheep, reindeer and fish (  Greenland has a high protein diet consisting mainly of meat and fish, which includes, whale, reindeer, seal and fowl meat (

Industry and Tourism
            a) Are industry and tourism related to geography and climate?
In recent years there have been many cruise lines that dock in the western and southern waters of Greenland, the peak of the tourism industry is during summer months when temperatures are manageable.  Their main source of industry is from exports of seafood, including, shrimp and fish, which is plentiful in an island nation.  (

Cultural Activities
            a) Are there any notable historical events that add to the climate/culture story?
In the 18th century Denmark took over Greenland, which was inhabited by the Inuit tribe.  Today's culture is a blend of the traditional Inuit culture and European culture.  The official language of Greenland is Inuit language and Danish (

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